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We endorse Larry Freeman for School Committee


Chinese American Association of Lexington Political Action Committee


Larry has been a key figure in several capacities in Lexington Public Schools. At the Elementary and Middle School level, he has been part of the interviewing and hiring process of a School Principal. Also, he has been active in the PTA at Harrington for 4 years, and also served as a Class Parent. Larry’s contributions continue as a current member of the Harrington School Site Council (formally Co-Chair) and Clarke Middle School Site Council. Additionally, Larry is on the PTA Board at Clarke Middle School. Larry also continues to serve as Co-Chair of the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC), at Lexington High School. Many of us remember that Larry was instrumental in facilitating meetings between Lexington Parents and the Lexington School Administration during the student re-districting process. This experience has given him exposure to issues such as: 1. Diversity Training, including Special-Ed students. 2. Looking at issues at the Town level, listening and learning from other parents. 3. Re-districting and how it impacts children and families. 4. Lack of diversity in staffing. Larry has a vested interest as he has 2 kids: a 6th grader and an 8th grader currently at Clarke Middle School. Larry is smart, compassionate, loving, and caring. He is serving his Third Year as a Town Meeting Member and is aware of issues faced in Lexington School Systems. Larry says, "Investing in our students is investing in our future!”. I wholeheartedly support Larry Freeman and strongly encourage you to vote for him as the next member to the Lexington School Committee. — Anil Ahuja

Competent, caring and can-do. Larry is the real thing and what Lexington needs! — Archan Basu

Larry will make DEI and the needs of our special education students a priority in our schools! — Maria Bertram

Great to see you both at Discovery Day and looking forward to supporting Larry Freeman in your race for School Committee!  — Michelle Ciccolo

Larry is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know. With his expertise and dedication to our community, Lexington will be lucky to have him on our school committee. — Juliana Cohen

Larry's expertise, knowledge, and experience with school policy making in Lexington makes him the perfect person to guide our schools through any challenge and to maintain our educational excellence. His compassion will ensure all our students' needs are met. I am honored to call Larry my friend and Lexington could not find a better person to have on our school committee! — Matthew Cohen

An excellent candidate that I feel confident will be an asset to our community in his role as a member of the School Committee. — Judith Cole

I support Larry Freeman for School Committee because he will bring a much needed perspective and will prioritize supporting students with learning differences through equity, access and inclusion to the help them fulfill their potential as learners. Larry will also bring a pragmatic, analytical and thoughful mindset in making imporant decisions that will benefit all students and our learning community. — Nicole Diggins Locher

Larry is dedicated, caring and focused on our schools. I know he will be a fantastic member of the School Committee. — Jeanine Ferrick

He has so much to offer as a project manager. Detail oriented, always looking to quantify results, and a concerned parent. — Jodia Finnagan

I like Larry's probing questions and his advocacy for all of our students. We need a school committee member who is not afraid of identifying our schools' weaknesses and finding ways to remedy them. — Olga Guttag

You will be great on the Lexington School Committee!!!! — Ezzard James

I have personally known Larry for few years. His enthusiasm for children‘s activities, his hardworking nature, and his commitment to town activities make him good candidate for school committee. I ask your support for Larry Freeman. — Jyotsna Kakullavarapu

I'm happy to add my voice to the chorus of support for Larry's candidacy. He has been contributing for years and we should all be grateful that he's as willing as he is able to take on these new responsibilities. — Jay Kaufman

Larry is a sincere and genuine person of high integrity, a hardworking professional who will be great for Lexington schools. — Skott Klebe

Our town will be better for having your voice on the School Committee. I have observed your collaborative manner and your commitment to our community through your work on a number of committees. You are a consensus builder. I have seen you break challenges that seem insurmountable into manageable steps with achievable solutions. Larry, I want you on the School Committee as we face the challenges of a new high school building and continued growth in our school-aged population. — Kat MacDonald

With the growth of technology use every year in schools and with blended learning as a new means of teaching Larry can be a great asset. He can bring in a balance between the necessity of technology use at schools & it’s overuse by creating policies & by developing new methods of learning, especially for middle and high schoolers. Having an experience in school system & with IT background he is an ideal candidate . — Monika Manocha

I wholeheartedly support Larry for school Committee. He understands the importance of keeping schools open and keeping them safe and will speak up for what’s best for our kids. — Ann Ostrowski

I wholeheartedly support Larry Freeman for School Committee. He has demonstrated immense dedication to our community, our schools, and our students and families. He is smart, caring, and an all-around wonderful human being. — Valerie Overton

ALL IN ON THIS! So glad to hear you are running Larry Freeman.
— Nicola Rinaldi

Larry is a very dedicated town meeting member and serves on many town committees. He brings a rich experience and a deep commitment to give back to the community. Thanks Larry for offering yourself to serve on the School Committee. I encourage others also to kindly support Larry. — Syed Ali Rizvi

I am proud to support Larry Freeman for membership on the School Committee. I have known Larry for many years and have found him to be a great dad, good friend, and giving community member. Anyone who has interacted with Larry quickly learns that he has a big heart, making him a great candidate in the more ordinary pre-pandemic time. But we don’t live in those times — we are trying to come out of a global pandemic, and there is a lot of work to be done in LPS and that is why Larry is the person we need right now. Larry’s many years of experience as a Project Manager in the financial and IT sectors means that he has the technical skills to engage in the nuanced analysis necessary to make the both short and long term decisions to support the students and the long term growth of the school system. We don’t often get people from this sector running for School Committee, so I am glad for the opportunity to get his expertise to work for us. — Subhash Roy

We fully endorse Larry for school committee!! — Sara & Zeeshan Sheikh

Larry Freeman has the experience and compassion our students and community need as we strive to make Lexington Public Schools welcoming to everyone.
— Jessie Steigerwald

Larry is dedicated to supporting Lexington’s schools, students, educators, and families. Beyond his service to the town and LPS system through elected positions and committee appointments, Larry is a dedicated community member, organizer, and volunteer. His familiarity with the perspectives and concerns at each of these levels will make him an incredibly thoughtful and prepared school committee member, one who can see as easily through the lens of day-to-day equity concerns as he can through the lens that's focused 30 years down the road. Working together on community conversations and events over the past two years, Larry has stood out for his commitment to listening, synthesizing multiple and often conflicting perspectives, and ensuring that community voices are heard. Our students, families, and educators will be lucky to have him as an advocate. — Julia Steigerwald Schnall

Larry you 100% have my support and endorsement.  I have been in enough meetings with you to know that you will stand up for what’s best for the students, families, and teachers.  You will be a great addition to the Lexington School Committee.

— Amelia Worthy

Our friend is running for school committee! Town election is not until March and I’m looking forward to helping with his campaign. He’s a super smart and compassionate person and we’d be so lucky to have him on our school committee! — Deb Zucker
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Rajesh Menon
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Ann Ostrowski
Valerie Overton
Suzanne Paradis
Dinesh Patel
Kaveesh Pathak
Robert Peters
Alice M. Pierce
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Erica Bouchard Rabins
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Devjani Ray
Line Reimer
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Lisah & Todd Rhodes
Jenny Richlin
Anne Richtarick
Nicola Rinaldi
Syed Ali Rizvi
Mona Roy
Subhash Roy
Lori Schechner
Matt Schnall
Khurshida Shahidullah
David Sheehan
Sara & Zeeshan Sheikh
Manasi Singhal
Meg Soens
Marc St Louis
Corinne Steigerwald
Jessie Steigerwald
Julia Steigerwald Schnall
Francine Stieglitz
Deborah Strod
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