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Meet Larry

Greetings! As a parent of two LPS students, I have seen first-hand the triumphs we have achieved as a highly regarded school system as well as the areas that require more attention.  I’m especially motivated to run now to bring attention to the need for equitable and inclusive curricula, which are essential to maintaining the academic excellence of our entire school system.  I will focus on the overwhelming need for the school experience to include the mental health and social growth of every student.  

I believe that our ability to deal with the many challenges–including the pandemic–facing the LPS system is strengthened when we are transparent about successes and failures. Please see What Matters to learn more about the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of my campaign for a seat on the Lexington School Committee. 

I grew up in eastern North Carolina in a segregated town, and attended racially integrated public schools there. Since college I’ve worked in the fields of finance and technology for 25 years.  I lived in Atlanta, Dallas, the Minneapolis area, and Jacksonville before moving to Lexington with my wonderful spouse and children. All of us agree that we could not have made a better choice than Lexington.  

After settling into Lexington, I was amazed to realize that town government is run by committed and talented volunteers (supported by excellent town staff). With that realization, I saw that I could contribute and make a difference.  Working remotely as a Professional Project Manager in Finance/IT allows me flexibility in my schedule.  I joined Harrington PTO and became co-chair of the Harrington Elementary School site council. As my children moved up through school grades, I became a Board member of the Clarke Middle School PTO and a member of the Clarke site council.

In addition to those positions, I currently serve as:

  • Member of the Lexington Public Schools Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Input Team
  • Co-chair of the Lexington Public Schools School Health Advisory Council
  • Member of the Lexington Human Rights Committee
  • Town Meeting Member (Precinct 1)
  • Board Member of LexPride 

I am also presently a member of the Lexington Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) and a member of the new Lexington Strategic Equity Advisory Team which advises the town’s Chief Equity Officer.  I am an advisor to LexSeeHer, a member of the Lexington Democratic Town Committee, and co-founder and co-president of Together We Rise–an equity and social justice community organization in Lexington.

Being a parent, volunteering on school-focused and town-wide committees, working in finance and technology, I am uniquely positioned to make meaningful contributions to ongoing discussions of school policies and budgets, bring an equity and inclusion lens to our schools, increase focus on the mental and social health of students, and positively impact the planning and development of a new Lexington High School building. I have the experience, professional training, and skills to bring a systematic approach to problem solving, a listen-and-learn mentality, and a collaborative approach to my work in Lexington.  I look forward to serving the town as a member of the School Committee.

Your support is critically important to me! I am happy to answer your questions: please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you!

Larry Freeman

Meet My Family

This is my family enjoying the great weather before the temperatures start dropping!  I would be nothing without their love and support. They are very much a part of my campaign, and their support is invaluable

Charles, dedicated husband and father. I am totally in awe of his commitment to providing safe and quality health care during this pandemic. Mr. Front Line Worker!

Kris, 8th grader, studious, and determined to be the next Youtube superstar. Mr. Personality!

Paige, 6th grader, eager learner and a great athlete.  Ms. Social Butterfly!

My family and I love being part of the Lexington community.  The community is welcoming and embraces us like that first warm spring day, after a cold winter.  Lexington is home.


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